Birth Registration

Birth registration is the process of recording a child’s birth and officially logging a birth with a government authority. It is a permanent and official record of a child’s existence and provides legal recognition of that child’s identity. It establishes a legal record of where the child was born and who his or her parents are. Birth registration is required for a child to get a birth certificate – his or her first legal proof of identity.

This service is provided by the Directorate of Personal Status and Statistics in Damascus and from all departments of the General Authority in (Damascus – Damascus Countryside – Daraa – Homs – Hama – Aleppo – Lattakia) and at the offices of the General Authority in the camps, and is done as follows:

The presence of the concerned person to the competent employee and requesting the release of a civil record from him after giving him the family card number.
The competent employee prints the required document from the computer, depending on the applicable program and the family card number

    Criteria to get aBirth Registration